How Does Your Oral Health Affect Your General Health?

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We often think about keeping our mouths healthy in terms of ensuring that our teeth stay pearly white, but good oral health is so much more than this. Conditions that affect our oral health can influence our whole bodies and reflect many underlying conditions, and gum disease is also a common factor in many illnesses.

How Can Oral Health Show Problems in the Body?

Many problems that are primarily evident in the mouth can be indicators of serious health and immune conditions. For example, lesions in the mouth can be the first indication of an HIV infection, and ulcers can reveal many disorders of the gut. Blood disorders can be discovered after investigations into bleeding gums, and osteoporosis can be identified early if bone loss occurs in the lower jaw.

Studies have shown that oral health problems, and especially gum disease, can be linked with some particularly serious diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. This suggests that there are important links between oral health and general health, and that promoting a good oral hygiene routine and paying attention to the health of your teeth and gums could have a big influence on your wellness in the future.

So How Can My Oral Care Routine Benefit My Health?

It’s important to be aware that if you’re noticing problems in your mouth, or certain aspects of your oral hygiene routine are troubling you, you should see you doctor or dentist as soon as possible to rule out an underlying cause. Many chronic illnesses share common risk factors with oral disease, so taking the time to get your oral health care right can have big benefits for your general health, too.

Risk Factors For Poor Oral and General Health:

  1. Diet. Your diet has a major effect on every aspect of your health, and eating a balanced and nutritious diet
    will lower your risk of many chronic illnesses, as well as tooth decay and gum disease. Diets that are high in sugar increase
    the risks of developing these diseases, and it is also important to note that obesity is, in itself, a risk factor for many
    chronic problems, so the importance of a healthy diet should not be underestimated.
  2. Unhealthy habits. Smoking or chewing tobacco, and regular overindulgence in alcohol, are lifestyle factors which
    can lead to many chronic health problems, as well as problems in the mouth. Smokers experience far higher rates of mouth
    cancers than non-smokers, and the health of the gums is dramatically influenced by these habits as well.
  3. Hygiene routines. The bacteria in the mouth can build up and create inflammatory conditions or infection in the
    body if a good oral hygiene routine is not in place to prevent this happening. You should be sure to brush teeth twice daily
    and floss every day to keep teeth and gums in good condition.
  4. Stress. Your stress levels can have an enormous effect on the health of your mouth and your body. Studies show
    that people under stress are far more likely to develop chronic conditions, and if you can combat high stress levels, you
    will be doing your whole body a favour.

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