What Is A Root Canal?

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Do you know what a root canal involves? Many of us are fearful of the procedure and associate it with a great deal of pain and discomfort, but it can help to understand exactly what happens during the treatment just in case you or a loved one have to go through it.

Here at the Guiney Dental Clinic, we know that people often feel anxious about dental procedures, and we will always take the time to talk you through any process that is necessary. You can pop in and talk to our friendly team, and we will help to set your mind at rest. Read on for a guide to the root canal treatment.

What Does a Root Canal Treatment Involve?

A root canal treatment is carried out when a tooth is infected and it is necessary to remove a buildup of bacteria and dead tissue inside the tooth. This is often the only way to save the tooth, and your dentist will usually carry out the procedure like this:

Anaesthetising the tooth. The dentist will numb the area with local anaesthetic and will often use a dental dam to create a barrier around the site to protect the tooth.

Drilling into the tooth. This is usually the part of the procedure that causes the most anxiety, and it involves using a dental drill to open the tooth so that the damaged tissue and bacteria can be filed and cleaned away. The area will be washed thoroughly to ensure that it is free from infection.

Filling the tooth. Your dentist will use a rubber-like filler to fill the area that has been cleared, and the tooth will then be sealed with a temporary filling until a permanent crown can be fitted a few weeks later.

Fitting the crown. You will need to wait a few weeks before your permanent crown can be fitted, and this may require a supporting post within the root chamber to increase stability. This should be a permanent and reliable solution for your decayed tooth, and will protect your smile into the future.

After you have had a root canal treatment, you will need to ensure that your dental care routine is particularly good. You will probably require an x-ray of the tooth to check that all signs of infection are gone, and your dentist will help to protect your root canal and show you how to take great care of your teeth at home to prevent further infections.

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