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Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Here at Guiney Dental, we are delighted to be developing our practice to offer Cosmetic Procedures. Our experienced and professional team can offer Botox, Dermal Fillers and Lip Fillers, and you can talk to us about these services when you book a free consultation.

If you have ever wanted to look younger, or to refresh your appearance to treat wrinkles, crows feet or forehead lines, you can find out about Botox, the most popular anti-wrinkle treatment available today. Botox offers a simple, easy treatment that is anti-aging and can reduce fine lines on your face, as well as helping to prevent wrinkles from developing in the future.

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Why Choose Facial Aesthetics?

When you choose Botox, you are making a decision about how you present yourself to the world, and you’re choosing to look younger and healthier for longer.

Botox is no longer just for celebrities, but is now accessible to everyone with our affordable and professional techniques. When you can choose to have Botox in one area from €200, and three areas from just €300, you can achieve the fresher look you’ve always wanted with ease.

Who Can Have Botox?

Most people over 18 can receive Botox treatment, and this is usually safe and straightforward. Botox treatments should only be carried out by qualified doctors or dentists, and your practitioner will check your medical history to be sure that it is a good option for you. Tell your practitioner immediately if you are currently taking medication, have allergies, are breastfeeding or have any existing health conditions that affect your nerves or muscles.

What You Can Expect From Facial Rejuvenation:

Some people worry that Botox will hurt, but for most clients, a Botox injection is pain free or just feels like a small pinch. Botox procedures are carried out using small, micro syringes, and only take a few minutes to complete. Botox works to cause muscle relaxation and reduce muscle activity in the area, and is a simple and effective way to achieve a natural-looking result.

You may experience some temporary redness after treatment, but this should settle within 20-30 minutes. You will be able to return to your daily activities immediately, so you will not need to take time off work, and you can expect the great results you see to last for 3-4 months. If you continue to have treatments in the long term, you will benefit from the prevention of new lines and wrinkles.

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