Cosmetic Dentistry

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Have you ever wished you had straighter teeth or a whiter smile? Here at Guiney Dental Clinic, we know that first impressions count and a good smile is one of the the first things people notice when they meet someone for the first time. Not many people, however, are naturally blessed with a perfect smile and cosmetic dentistry may hold the solution.


Crooked or stained teeth may make you feel anxious about smiling in front of strangers as well as your family and friends, so it may be life-changing to consider having cosmetic dentistry work to give you the smile you’ve always longed for. Read on to find out more about the different types of cosmetic dentistry available, and to discover whether one of these options could be right for you.


What Sort Of Cosmetic Dentistry Do I Need?


Talk to your dentist to find out more about the options available to you, and find out whether one of the following could suit you:


Braces. Many people think that braces are just for children, but this is not true – more and more adults are seeking help to remedy crooked or overcrowded teeth and achieve a straighter smile. Orthodontists are experienced in working with all manner of dentistry concerns, and specialise in fitting braces, including ‘train tracks’, retainers, aligners, plates, expanders and more. You may be surprised to find that invisible and cosmetic braces are so discreet and effective, and our experienced Orthodontist, Ciara O’Neill, will be very happy to discuss the options with you.


Implants. Dental implants are usually the preferred solution to replace any missing teeth, and work well for people with healthy gums and enough bone to support them. A dental implant involves positioning a titanium post beneath the gum to replace a missing tooth, and this will become fused with the jaw bone over time. This means that the implant will be very secure, and when a crown is fitted over it, it will be secure in your mouth, even when you are eating. Unlike bridges, implants do not affect the healthy teeth either side of the missing tooth, and offer a very comfortable permanent solution.


Crowns. Here at Guiney Dental, we prefer to use porcelain crowns, since they are excellent at protecting damaged, broken or fractured teeth from further damage. These fit over the problem tooth and look and feel great in your mouth. Crowns can be a great solution in cases of severe tooth decay, for a tooth that is fractured or damaged, following root canal treatment, to cover an implant, or to improve your bite.


Veneers. If you’re looking for a ‘Hollywood smile’, veneers could be the answer you need. Dental veneers are designed to improve the look of teeth that have been damaged or chipped, or that are crooked or have large gaps between them.   Veneers are bonded to your existing teeth, creating thin ‘shells’ over one or multiple teeth, depending on the desired effect. Composite veneers are the quickest way to improve the look of your teeth, and are a cheaper option, but porcelain veneers will last a lot longer and give a more natural look.


Lumineers. Lumineers perform the same role as veneers, improving the appearance of teeth that have been damaged or are crooked, but are less invasive. The original tooth and its enamel are untouched, which means that Lumineers are quicker to apply than veneers as the teeth do not need to be shaved down.


Bridges. If you have missing teeth, a bridge can be an excellent option, giving you a permanent solution that is cemented into the mouth and does not need to be removed at night or when eating. Fitting a bridge may take two or more visits, during which the anchoring teeth either side are prepared and impressions taken so that the bridge can be created in a laboratory. Many people find that a bridge is a particularly easy option to care for, and you can talk to your dentist to see whether this could suit you.


Porcelain inlays. A porcelain inlay can be a great alternative to a full coverage dental crown for some people, requiring less of the tooth structure to be removed than for a full crown preparation. Porcelain inlays are not moulded directly into the tooth, but are created in a dental laboratory from a precise impression taken by a dentist. The dentist will then bond the inlay to the tooth to create a solution to tooth decay that fits better than conventional fillings, making it easier to clean your teeth effectively. Another bonus is that porcelain inlays will not become discoloured over time, and so will last longer than standard fillings would be expected to.


Porcelain onlays. A porcelain onlay is created in the same way as an inlay, from an impression taken by your dentist. An onlay is specifically designed to cover one or more cusps of a tooth, where ‘cusp’ refers to a length of tooth, usually at the corner of a molar or on either side of a premolar. Where the tooth is broken down, an onlay can protect the area against further damaging or fracturing, covering only the top part of the tooth. A porcelain onlay will be fitted exactly to your unique teeth, so will fit very closely and look natural. Onlays will maintain their colour and will not stain, so are a great, long-term solution to tooth decay.


Dentures. Dentures, or false teeth, are usually fully removable, although some can be attached to a bridge or implant. Dentures are designed to fit your mouth exactly, and are supported by the tissues of the mouth, but they are not always the most comfortable or natural looking solution. Many people find that they are able to chew and pronounce words more clearly when they are wearing dentures, and feel more confident, too.


Remember that the type of procedure that is suitable for you will depend upon your history and the way your teeth have developed. Procedures vary in cost and complexity, and it is usually possible to spread the cost across several months with a payment plan. If you would love to explore cosmetic dentistry but think the cost will be prohibitive, talk to your dentist about the options open to you. You may be pleasantly surprised!


Are You Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry In Cork?


At Guiney Dental Practice, we know how important a great smile can be. Our friendly and experienced Dentists, Orthodontists and Dental Hygienists will be happy to talk you through any cosmetic dental procedure, and we can help you to choose the very best options for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening or braces in Cork, we will be pleased to meet you. To make an appointment, call the Guiney Dental Clinic today on 021-481 0535.